I Saw The Avengers

And I loved it! It was fun and everything I could have wanted in an Avengers movie!

And, contrary to most of my things, I probably won’t be talking too many spoilers in this part. Mostly because the spoilers aren’t what made the movie so much fun.

First, though, me and the Avengers. I have seen two of the movies that kind of lead into this: iron Man 1 and Captain America. My comic familiarity isn’t all that great either. I know them mostly from their cameos in crossover events and when they’ve shown up in 90s television series. So I went into this movie thinking I was going to miss all sorts of things and not be prepared for anything.

Surprisingly, it caught me up pretty quickly, made references to things that happened in another movie and did it all in the context of having the characters interact with one another, which had the added bonus of letting me know who these people were and how they interacted with one another. Despite knowing next to nothing going in, I never felt lost and I loved seeing the characters get along and disagree.

That was what made the movie for me. I loved seeing the characters talking and interacting with each other. They disagreed, they got over it when they needed to and they were funny! Watching them interact with one another was the best part of the movie.

Well, best part of the overall movie. There were awesome and hilarious scenes as well. Like with Loki and Hulk. Or Thor and Hulk. Or Hulk in general.

That was the other thing. Hulk was my favourite character in the movie, followed by Hawkeye. I don’t like either of these characters normally, but I loved them in this movie and I think it was the characterization. I laughed and left the theater wanting to write an archer into one of my stories.

Also to note is that I didn’t notice  the women fighting in heels. That was refreshing. And even Black Widow, the token fanservice, was covered pretty well. The zipper was a little lower on her costume, sure, but it wasn’t as gratuitous as I was expecting and it was kind of nice to see.

Overall, though, I loved the movie. It was the most fun I’ve had with a movie in a long time. As good as Hunger games was, Avengers was so much more fun and probably going to be my favourite movie for the year.

In short, I enjoyed it.