Day 19: Everything Hates Alice

I mentioned last time that everything I posted was a spoiler. What I didn’t mention was that it was a spoiler for a series I’m currently putting up on Jukepop Serials. The first book is out on there and the second is going to start going up probably next month.1 The one I am currently writing is book 5 and there’s 12 planned for the whole series.

And so, with one line I wrote today, I will summarize the entire series for you:

Word Count: 115702

“Alice of Wonderland, is there anyone who does not try to kill you?” Tiger Lily asked.

  1. Along with another new series, which I will probably talk about more later. []

Day 18: Research Required

Everything I’m posting at this point is a spoiler. There are no non-spoilers. Try to forget about these excerpts. Yes.

Everything in this book required me looking back on the four of them I’ve already written and I am incredibly bad at going back and trying to remember what and how things worked in previous volumes. I just remember the first two so far because I actually rewrote and edited those, but the third and fourth are a mystery and the fifth is turning into a mess with timelines. So editing this stuff later is going to be fun.

Also: No plot relevant fridges yet. But there has been a mention.

Word Count: 110426

“I just need you to tell me when someone stepped up and saved it,” Peter told her. “Jon will do it. He just needs to suck it up and then he’ll do it.”

“Just keep your people from coming to Wonderland,” Alice said. “It’s not really working out that well for them.”

“You just need to stop luring them over there!” Peter said. “You have stuff like trees with fridges in them. That’s not fair.”

Alice would argue that the fact that Neverland didn’t have fridges growing on trees was a point in his favour, but she opted not to argue the point for now.


Day 16: I Suck

I know, it’s been ages. I started a new book and got really busy this past week. There was a conference and I’ve generally been ill, but back to excerpts!

Also, the interesting issue of trying not to spoil everything since this is now book 5 of a series that I only have book 1 of out. Ah well, let’s see how that goes.

Word Count: 93351

“Maybe it was a jealous-”

“It is never a jealous lover, Sarah,” Heather said. “Never.”

“You don’t know that,” Sarah said. “For all we know, every night Alice might sneak out to see her secret boyfriend and he just got tired of the secrecy and decided to take revenge.”

“Why are you saying that like it’s supposed to be romantic?” Kevin asked.

“You just don’t know romance.”

“Why am I always the one with the secret boyfriend?” Alice asked.

“Because you might actually be able to keep it secret,” Sarah said.


Day 11: Escaping Reality Done!

I am done! The first book is done! I am super happy and, as you can see, I’ve earned myself a bunch of chocolate in the process. I reduced it down to one chocolate every 2K this year, so 34 Halloween chocolates, plus a chocolate witch for finishing the whole thing.

I’m taking the middle of the day off to find my notes and I’ll get started on book #2 for the month soon. In the mean time, the last little bit of the book.

Word Count: 68031

“You better visit me. Constantly.”

“I’ll be your guardian angel. And if Derek dumps you, I’ll drown him myself.”

Olivia laughed at that. “You think you could stick around for today at least?” Olivia asked. “Just for a little while? Just so I know you’re really still here?”

Helena smiled back at her. “Of course. Come on, I still need to catch up on Game of Thrones.”


Day 10: MURDER!

I AM FINALLY KILLING PEOPLE! I am so happy, you guys. You don’t understand. I haven’t killed anyone yet. Today has just been such a relief. Also, I am super close to the end of the story and I’ll probably be finishing it tomorrow.

Almost time for book 2!

So instead of murder, I’ll show you how the story looks when I’m doing inline notes during the writing.

Word Count: 64291

Side note: Helena probably should come back to the village and have her reminiscing about the years lost in here way earlier than this. She’ll get to walk around before all the crazy really happens and use it as a means for a bit more exposition about what her missing childhood was actually like. Emphasize how messed up some of it was while talking about how normal other parts were. Balance and all that shit.


Day 9: Parent’s Place

I never seem to get much done at my parent’s place. First, mom takes me shopping before we finally get to their place, and then I spend a long time setting up my own computer, that decided it needed to update, and then the PVR for my dad. So I’m just hoping to hit 2K today.

Word Count: 55373

“I’m talking about taking away everything you ever knew,” Helena told him, meeting his eyes. “I’m taking away your family and your way of life. I’m taking away your traditions, the things you think are acceptable, the means your people have so that they can continue to make the world a much more dangerous place. And I’m taking away all the kids you’ve kidnapped so they can go home to their families.”


Day 8: 50K on Transit!

Yes, I know, it took me long enough. Or OMG ALREADY?! Those seem to be the only two reactions to this.

I fell asleep pretty much as soon as I got home from the transit write in and I’ve only just gotten up. So much for the second 10K day I had planned for today, but ah well. I should get this one done by Tuesday. And then there will be a new one in time for the conference!

And now, I will post the line I wrote that had the 50K word in it.

Word Count: 51870

Helena was pretty sure that this was more than she could handle.



Day 7: In Need of a Nap

I got home and immediately felt like I needed a nap. I still feel like I need a nap. Maybe 1K more and then I will fall asleep for a bit. Gotta be rested for the transit write in tomorrow!

Also, I am completely off plot. These are fun times.

Word Count: 40031

“So where’s Derek?”

“Left this morning,” she said. “He’s got a lot of stuff at the lab lately. You know, if I’m going to have to worry about crazy people breaking in here looking for you, I think I should keep him over more.”

“No key,” Helena told her. “Three months. You made that rule.”

“Yeah, but that was before you had a price on your head, right? I think this counts as an extenuating circumstance where we can break that one little rule.”

“Well, if it ever gets so bad that I’m going to have to run away to keep you safe from all this, then you can give him my key.”


Day 6: Slow Going

And by slow, I mean slow for me. I don’t know what it is this year, but I am slow as hell. I think it might be work. Yes, work is a good thing to blame things on and not the fact that some of this stuff I’m writing, while it works as a story, is not working in the prose at all. Nope.

Also I got tea. Jabberwocky is disgusting and I’m trying Escaping Reality tomorrow. Yes, I made a tea blend out of my novel. It smells fantastic.

Word Count: 32815

It was Helena that walked out of the water, stepping out onto the rocky shore by her apartment building. No one seemed to notice her doing so, the rest of the people milling about in their own lives and not taking any note of her walking out of the ocean with her cloth tote bag. She was completely dry without so much as a drop of water on her glasses.

That part she could get used to. She hated getting water on her glasses.

Helena hoped that was the last of the memories she was regaining today. With work in the morning, she wasn’t sure how much more mental capacity she would need to handle everything buzzing around in her head. She headed inside and up the elevator, not stopping until she hit her bed.


Day 3: First Write In!

It wasn’t that busy, so we actually got a lot done. I still need a little over 600 words for the night before I’m happy, but for the most part, a lot got done. Also, birds.

Word Count: 21392

“Get out of the way!” something screamed from the sky.

She looked up and saw a blond boy in corn rows jumping down from nowhere with a sword, plunging it down into the fluffy ball of fluff with a beak sticking out of it. He speared it right through and it popped like a balloon, sending feathers flying everywhere around her without regard for any sort of decency.

The gust of wind that followed did nothing to keep it in order and she was glad for her glasses keeping it out of her eyes. There were fathers everywhere. She pulled the rather ticklish one out of her cleavage and let out an irritated sigh.